Take Back the Reins Courses

Take Back the Reins (TBTR) is the exciting initiative – supported by HOOF and Sport England – launched in 2012 as part of the Olympic Legacy projects it is designed to encourage new, ‘returner’ and existing adult riders to enjoy a unique combination of equestrian instruction and mentoring. If you have been out of the saddle for a while or want to get fit and are sick of the gym, try our Take Back the Reins sessions.

The course is 7 weeks commencing on

Each session will be balanced between

30 minutes getting up close and personal with the horses, grooming them and preparing them for the ride/ other stable management instruction

30 minutes riding time during which you will concentrate on improving your skills followed by 30 minutes of social time with tea or coffee and a biscuit comparing notes with your fellow riders and getting feedback from your instructor.

In the final week you will celebrate your achievements with a hack, a competition, trotting poles, jumping or simply a led ride out depending on your level of competence and your aspirations.

The course will start with a group induction to discuss your personal riding aspirations and half an hours riding, during which time your skills can be assessed followed by a chance to have some complimentary refreshments and a chat. You might want to aim to achieve a good rising trot, to canter or even jump a small jump confidently. Everyone will have unique goals.

Following the induction week you will be ready to enjoy a further six weeks of weekly sessions. In the final week you will celebrate your achievements with trotting poles, jumping or simply a led ride out depending on your level of competence and your aspirations.

The idea of Take Back the Reins is to help you get the most out the time you spend with us. Not only do you have practical riding and horsemanship, you also have the chance to ask questions about your lesson or equestrianism generally, address any worries, as well as to socialise, make new friends and share your experience. The total cost for the course is £210, excellent value! Once you have completed your course, our Instructor will be able to guide you with regard to your further progress.

Fitting horses back into your life can be simple. Even an hour of riding activities a week can boost your sense of wellbeing and help to keep you feeling healthy. Returning to riding may feel daunting,

but with the right horse to give you confidence, it’s amazing how quickly you’ll get going again. ‘Take Back The Reins‘ is a series of riding lessons providing coaching that has been designed to support your first steps in order to get back into the saddle. The lessons will help you develop your skills so that you can ride confidently, improve your fitness, and progress within the sport, but most importantly make sure you have fun along the way. Riding is a hobby for people of all ages and abilities so don’t ever use the excuse ‘I’m too old ‘or ‘I’m not good enough’. Whatever your age or ability you’ll be with like minded people, so there’s no need to feel self-6 nscious. In fact many of the country’s top riders are in the prime of the lives! At 50, event rider Mary King is going better than ever and even justified her place in the equestrian team at The London 2012 Olympic Games.

So why not give it a try?

Nervous or lack Confidence? There will be qualified instructors available to guide you, and you can rest assured you’ll be matched with a horse to suit your ability.

Feel Unfit? Riding is a gentle way of getting exercise, fresh air and having fun. It will strengthen your core body muscles and tone your bum, tum, legs and arms. A relaxing cardiovascular workout!

Don’t like the thought of yourself in jodhpurs? To start with jodhpurs are optional! Riding fashion has definitely moved on; Jodhpurs now come in a wide range of flattering styles, fabrics and colours. Functional riding wear is also high fashion, with many brands designing stylish ways to keep out the weather.

Haven’t got the kit? We are happy to lend you a hat until you decide you want to commit and buy your own. That’s all the equipment that you’ll need to start off with.

Feel guilty about taking time out from the family? Riding is a great sport that the whole family can enjoy and is a healthy way of spending time together.

It’s too expensive? If you’ve signed up to a local gym and have hardly hit the treadmill, it’s time to put that money to much better use by taking a weekly lesson. Alternatively, volunteers are always needed to assist with the Riding for Disabled Association lessons – and you can still enjoy time spent just being with horses and there may be the opportunity to help out afterwards.

Don’t know anyone? Take Back The Reins will not only build your riding skills but will also give you the opportunity to socialise and build friendships both human and equine!

What will I Learn? For beginner riders who have never ridden, ‘Take Back The Reins’ will see you well on the way to being able to walk and trot confidently without a lead rein, whenever you and your coach / Instructor feel ready. If you have some experience then a few refresher lessons could get you ‘saddling up’ and confident enough to ride out with a group of friends. If you’re happy, then this might include short canters too.

It is possible that other courses may be started on other days if we have sufficient interest so please do not hesitate to let us know if you are interested.

Show Jumping or Dressage Courses

We also offer courses that focus on one discipline in particular. These are usually 6 week courses run is small groups that aim to develop your skills in a particular area in a group environment. The group aspect makes the sessions cheaper and also provides a social aspect to your riding time. A common goal is agreed at the beginning of the course so each session is designed to meet the needs of that individual group.

Tuition on your Own Horse

Due to our excellent facilities and coaching staff we have increased demand to provide tuition to people on their own horses. This is a great way to get some extra practise in for our competitions or just to enjoy a trip out and productive training session without the hassle of a judge watching or the clock ticking. All of our staff ride competitively in many disciplines including Dressage, Showing, Show Jumping and Eventing so whatever you want to do we should be able to help you do it better! Visit our Meet the Team Section for more information on who is available.