ABRS Progressive Rider Tests

ABRS Progressive Rider Tests have been specifically designed to provide a logical and progressive system of training. They give adult and child riders a structured programme of realistic stepping stones to achieve their equestrian goals both in the saddle and on the ground.

They are great way for children to recognize their achievements and monitor their progress as well as providing a confidence boost!

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Introductory Tests

Tests A to E in Equitation and Stable Management provide a very gentle introduction for younger or nervous riders. These are available in both Equitation and Stable Management.

Equitation Tests

Candidates over 10 years old begin with ABRS Test 1 of the Progressive Rider Equitation Tests, which encompasses the most basic aspects of learning to ride, progressing through to Test 10, which includes lateral work and riding a dressage test. Test 6 and above are the level required to achieve professional qualifications. These tests are good way of proving your equestrian knowledge and ability, this can be useful for building a CV, getting into college or even for your Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

Stable Management Tests

These Tests are designed to enhance knowledge of horse care and management. Tests 1 to 10 cover the key aspects of looking after a horse. The Tests can also provide invaluable know-how and confidence for parents of horse-mad children who are beginning to feel a little out of their depth when they are roped in to help out with a pony!

  • A formal certificate is awarded for every Test
  • The Tests are recognised nationally as a respected standard of equestrian achievement.
  • ABRS Progressive Rider Tests are an affordable way to increase your equestrian knowledge and ability

UKCC Qualifications

We also host UKCC Courses for the Association of British Schools.

What are Coaching Certificates?

The United Kingdom Coaching Certificates were initiated by the government to introduce a tiered level of Coaching Qualification, now offered by over 22 different sports; Equestrian being one. The Coaching Certificates and the level, to which the coach is qualified, are broadly and nationally recognised throughout the Sport Industry. They are easily recognisable to the general public as Coaching Qualifications, due to their broader use. United Kingdom Coaching Certificates are on the National Qualifications Framework.

UKCC Level 2

UKCC Level 2 is a general practical riding coach who can work unsupervised. The training programme encourages candidates to evaluate their current practice and develop coaching skills and strategies and successfully apply them to improve performance and achieve desirable results from their pupils.

Throughout the course, which is usually over a 4 day duration (not consecutive days) a portfolio of knowledge and evidence is built, which is assessed. Candidates for UKCC with the ABRS are provided the opportunity for continuous assessment of practice and online support and guidance as they learn to confidently apply coaching skills and strategies. Day 4 is a summative/final assessment, were candidates are assessed on preparation, delivery and review of 2 practical coaching sessions by approved UKCC Assessors.

All Equestrian UKCC endorsements are awarded by Equestrian Qualifications Limited (EQL). To gain entry to the UKCC level 2 Qualification the ABRS recommends that you have some previous Teaching/Instructing/Coaching experience. You will be required to maintain a safe environment whilst coaching and coach riders to demonstrate the assessment criteria as listed on the generic riding technical syllabus (available on request). Several candidates that achieved the UKCC2 had previously completed the ABRS Initial Teaching Qualification.

The UKCC level 2 training course provided structured professional development and an opportunity for progression for these candidates as they developed new skills. Completion of UKCC level 1 prior to level 2 is desirable, however, not essential if your prior experience is considered suitable. Candidates working towards the BHS PTT successfully completed the pilot course award and found the knowledge gained together with continuous assessment and guidance beneficial towards successfully achieving BHS PTT (see case studies) The BHS PTT examination now incorporates UKCC level 2 assessment requirements. Candidates successfully completing the UKCC level 2 with the ABRS will be exempt from certain units of the new BHS PTT award. Candidates who had held the BHSAI for many years found the UKCC course motivational and progressive CPD. The recommended technical level of Riding and Horse Care knowledge and experience required to successfully complete the course is a minimum of level 2 BHS/EQL/NVQ, ABRS Test 6 Riding & Stable Management or equivalent. Candidates may gain course places that do not hold any Teaching/Instructing/Coaching qualifications.

For all enquiries please email sue.maunder@abrs-info.org, stating your full contact details. Or telephone Sue on 0845 643 9080 or the ABRS office 01403 790294.