Stable Management & Stable Club

We believe that Stable Management is an important part of learning to ride. For this reason it is a part of all of our children’s group lessons and our Meet the Ponies sessions. Many of our riders enjoy this part of the session as much as they enjoy the riding. We aim to provide our riders with a good basic understanding of horse behaviour, correct handling methods, a basic knowledge of horse husbandry and the basic skills and knowledge needed for horse care and potentially ownership. We also offer the Association of British Riding Schools tests in Stable Management on a regular basis.

For our super keen young riders we also offer Association of British Riding Schools Helper’s Awards achieved during Stable Club

Why Join Stable Club?

Stable Club offers you the chance to…

  • Spend longer with your favourite horses and ponies
  • Meet new people and make new friends
  • Learn new skills improve your horsey knowledge and understanding
  • Gain Association of British Riding Schools Certificates

For those of our riders who are keen to spend longer than just your lesson time with us, here is how you go about it

Stable Starters (ages 10+)

This is where it all begins. Stable Starters stay for one hour extra to their normal lesson time. This is when you are supervised and taught by a member of our staff in order to complete your Entry Level log book. Once you have completed this log book you are still able to stay for the extra hour and enjoy spending time with ponies and carrying out basic yard duties and begin working towards your next log book. At age 12 you can then complete your Intermediate Level Log Book. Once a log book is completed it is sent to the Association of British Riding Schools for certification. The cost of each certificate is £15.00.

The cost of your extra hour at Stable Starters is £5.00. Stable Starters can only participate if they have had a riding lesson with us that day. All children must be signed in by a parent or guardian and signed out when collected.

Stable Mates (ages 12+)

On completion of the Entry Level and Intermediate Level log books you are then eligible to join the Stable Mates. This is for our older and more experienced helpers. You are still supervised by our staff but are able to stay for longer periods of time and to assist with our holiday activities etc. by arrangement. During this time you will also be working towards your Senior Level Log Book which can be achieved by children aged 14+.

The cost of Stable Mates is £5.00 per session. Stable Mates can only participate if participate if they have had a riding lesson with us that day. All children must be signed in by a parent or guardian and signed out when collected.

We hope you appreciate that although the children are always helpful during their time with us, they are in no way asked to ‘work’ in order to have the privilege of staying. They can join the club in order to spend longer here and enjoy time at the stables but they are working towards qualifications and receiving training. There is a cost incurred in them staying as children need to be supervised at all times. No child who is not enrolled in this scheme is permitted to stay beyond their lesson time without prior permission and direct supervision by their parent or guardian.

Log Books

The contents of the log books are designed to encourage young riders to develop increasing competence in assisting before, during and after lessons and a growing awareness of health and safety. Unlike the progressive rider tests in equitation and stable management the Log Books are tested by a member of staff over a period of time. There is no time period for completion, so if you do not attend every week you are still able to achieve this qualification.

Copies of all log books and further information can be downloaded from the ABRS Website at