The International Indoor Arena

This newly built (2015) arena is 70 x 30 metres and has a Leisure Ride sand wax fibre surface as used by top British Equestrians. It is fully lit and has full facilities for music and microphone production. It is available for hire, please ring or email to discuss your own specific requirements. There is a viewing gallery and elevated office overlooking the arena which can be used as a show secretary ‘s office when hired.

The Poollands Indoor Arena

This is 20 x 40m and is much used by the Riding School, Riding for the Disabled or smaller groups. It has a sand fibre surface and is well lit. There is also a judges box and variety of cones, poles and blocks available for use.

The Outdoor Arena

This is a fully drained outdoor sand fibre surface which can be hired as a whole or divided to your desired size using Duralock fencing, up to three 20 x 40 m arenas, ideal for lessons, rallies and clinics.

The Sand School

This arena 20 x 40m (approx.) has a sand surface and provides an ideal warm up or holding area for the Poollands Indoor Arena which it adjoins.